FDL Protection Tool for MT4/5

Traders fail when they lack the discipline to place a stop and tp on all trades.

Problem Solved!

One MT4 and MT5 license per purchase.
(Only for PC)

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What if all your trades automatically had a stop and tp?

Would it save you from blowing an account or losing your funded account?

This tool is easily integrated on your MT4/5 desktop platform and works with any broker.

The tool will also work on your mobile device as long as your MT4/5 is open on a pc.
It activates with pending orders or market orders.

Meet the instructor

Joe Pena

Diligent day trader and Investor with 9+ years of experience trading a variety of market instruments. After experimenting with almost all patterns and indicators available, found a consistent setup with 85% accuracy. Now trading only the forex market, goes by a strict set of rules that are laid out in the course along with his strategy.
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